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Nami Birth – Intuitive pregnancy, Holistic Homebirth

Drina Yoshihara

Birth is the most real, raw, beautiful experience a woman will experience. I believe that birth ultimately belongs in the hands of the woman birthing. In it’s safest and sacred space, at home, birth is able to happen in it’s natural essence – uninterrupted and undisturbed. I support you in intuitive pregnancy and holistic birth and beyond. My own five birthing experiences have opened my eyes and heart to the true notions of a natural birth. My offerings are inclusive of pregnancy, birth and postpartum support and mentorship along with several holistic modalities to support your wellbeing and that of your baby, on all levels – mind, body, heart and spirit. You are powerful and have a unique light inside…I will help you rekindle and remember that internal power so you can have the most natural, beautiful birth you have always wanted. This is the power we as women have had since the beginning of time and it’s YOUR time to shine.