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Moon Tree Midwifery

Kayce Pearson

I studied, apprenticed, and learned all I could for my own next pregnancy and births. I then had two unassisted births after cesarean, or UBACs, after multiple losses, and I understand the value of truly letting the birthing person be all that they need to be. I am not here to take any of that away from you, and I can help create the perfect space to welcome your new addition in whatever way you choose. It is YOUR BIRTH, it is YOUR BABY, and it is completely your decision what should and should not happen during that time.

In addition to the 3 years I apprenticed with a traditional midwife, I graduated from Indie Birth Midwifery School in March of 2020, to truly have the best education possible to assist at births. I am ready to be your midwife, and there is so much benefit to continuing education even while you practice!

I’ve seen birth inside and outside the hospital, I’ve researched and learned, I’ve helped and I’ve experienced, and I truly believe that birth belongs to the parents, not any outsider. As a midwife, I choose to facilitate the experience and environment YOU want for your birth. Just like my UBACs, I want you to feel how empowering birth can be, how truly strong you are. I am there to hold space, help with information and resources, and revel in the beauty that is an empowered and autonomous homebirth!