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Everyone knows that spending time with their new baby and healing should take priority over household chores during this sacred time, but what about meals? Would you like someone to come and prepare a large pot of wholesome soup that you can easily heat and enjoy for the next few days? I also have a selection of individually frozen homemade meals, that I can also prepare in your home with mainly organic, whole food ingredients. Or maybe you would prefer someone to take the reigns and rally your friends and family directing a meal train on your behalf?  Someone behind the scenes to organize the day-to-day responsibilities while you bond as a new family? Whatever the need, I believe a solution is within reach.
If you would like to explore a free strategy session, please get in touch.
I’m passionate about fertility, pregnancy, birth and especially the postpartum because I believe that, when a mom’s needs are met through nourishment, familial and community support and access to information, she in turn, is more able to give the gift of nourishment, creativity and support to her loved ones, her community and the world around her. And so peace on earth really does begin at birth!