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As mothers we have the immense power and responsibility to shape the future of our human kind.

I believe we therefor have the responsibility to bring our children earth side as peaceful and loving as possible.

I believe that the way we are born will influence the way we live and love, the way we connect with others in relationships.
It will influence our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health in every aspect.
In short, the way we are born and the way we give birth will change the trajectory of our lives for the better or the worst.
I believe in conscious conception, healthy pregnancy, liberated from the medical system and sovereign birth were the birthing woman is in 100% charge.
You are made to birth your child.
Mother nature and the creator have equipped you with all the tools and innate knowledge you need to have a powerful, healing and sacred experience.
I am here to reflect your own power, to echo your own inner voice to remind you of the spiritually of this beautiful natural process of gestating, birthing and nurturing your child.
I’m here to guide you back to your own instincts and mirror your own intuition whenever you feel insecure, lost connection with your own truth and guide you on the path through the birthing gate that you have envisioned.
I’m here to help you strengthen your own intuition and teach you how to discern fear and truth.
I’m here to inform you about the interventions, medications, processes and methods of the medical establishment and how to navigate through them peacefully, autonomously and confidently.
I’m here to educate your partner/husband on all aspects regarding homebirth, so that he can feel confident to fully support your choice and knows exactly what to do when labor starts.
I have birthed both my daughters at home, only with my amazingly supportive partner Frankie by my side.
Both my pregnancies were autonomous and free from any medical interventions.
It was the most beautiful and empowering experiences in my life and the strength and trust I gained in myself during the process has influenced the way I mother in all ways.
I’m currently tandem breastfeeding my 2 year and 9 months old babies and have been since they were born, both of them exclusively without added food until 9 months.
I am an attachment parenting mama who co-sleeps, breastfeeds on demand and baby wears whenever possible.
I believe in and practice non-authoritarian, violence free parenting with respect to our mother earth and all her beings. We are a vegetarian family and use plants as our preferred medicine. I do not support circumcision.
I have been supporting pregnant mamas for a decade now, teaching Prenatal Nutrition and Yoga classes, as well as a Doula and Home Birth Coach in person and online.
In 2012 I opened my business Your Prenatal Coach in California and also taught Prenatal Yoga for 6 years at Fusion Yoga Sacramento.
I 2017 I founded the Liberated Birth Movement where I offer classes, group coaching and 1:1 coaching for mothers and couples who are looking to have liberated birth experience from the medical system.
I support them in living an autonomous pregnancy, birth at home in sovereignty and create a sacred, healing and bonding postpartum time for the entire family.
If this resonates with you,  if you want to tap into your most powerful Birthing Goddess and birth your child at home, with all the love and support you want.
If you want to work work through all your limiting beliefs, your fears and anxieties and intentionally create the positive birth story you want to experience….
Then write me to liberatedbirthmovement@gmail.com or contact me through FB for more information on my offers and prices.
Much Mama Love,
Ilka Bee