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Jessica Rutledge

Jessica Rutledgw

Breastfeeding and birth are my passions! I’ve personally experienced hospital delivery with epidural, a breech baby, cesarean delivery, VBAC (at home, twice), a NICU baby, breast refusal, exclusive pumping, bottle refusal, “extended” breastfeeding, tongue and lip ties, colic, constant nursing, poor latch, damaged nipples, staying at home with children, and going back to work after baby.

I have been a registered nurse since 2008, a certified lactation counselor since 2015, an out of hospital birth assistant since 2018, a certified doula/birthkeeper since 2019, a certified virtual doula since 2019, a trauma informed birth professional since 2019, and a certified placenta specialist since 2019. I offer prenatal coaching, birth planning, breastfeeding education, virtual breastfeeding support, in home lactation visits for all of the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas metroplex, virtual birth doula support, in person birth doula support for birthing at home, in a birth center, or in a hospital for all of Dallas & Fort Worth, Texas and the surrounding communities.