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I started my first midwife apprenticeship in December 2013 and enrolled in midwifery school through Midwives College of Utah (MCU) in 2014. Since starting my path to become a Midwife, I have worked with 8 other midwives; mastering skills, providing care in the prenatal and postpartum period, and attending births under many roles within clients’ homes, free-standing birth centers, and some in the hospital.

I graduated in July 2019 from Midwives College of Utah with an Associates of Science in Midwifery. In August 2019, I obtained my Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) credentials through NARM and became a Licensed Midwife (LM) in the State of Michigan.

In September/October of 2019, Allomother Midwifery was born!


My goal as a Midwife is to be a resource for those in my community and provide evidence-informed, individualized, client-centered and family-centered care, and facilitate informed choices. Pregnancy, labor, and birth are among THE most powerful and transformative events a person gets to experience. The childbearing year and the experiences that come along with it can and should be empowering for all.

I want my clients to come to me with specific desires, wants, dreams, opinions, and knowledge about pregnancy and birth. I will then help fill in gaps and provide education and counsel on things you haven’t thought of yet or didn’t know you should think about. We will have discussion together, but I want my clients to take control of THEIR experiences and health. I will set up borders and boundaries to ensure safe care, but my clients get to choose their own path between. My intuitive and empathic qualities in combination with my listening skills, allows me to truly HEAR my clients and facilitate an experience and care plan specifically designed for the unique individual.

I strive to create time and space for more than a client-provider relationship but rather a partnership. This allows us all to get to know each other on a deeper level so that it just seems normal to have me there alongside you for an intimate event such as birth.